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10 Tips for Online Holiday Gift Guide Pitching

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Holiday gift guide pitching is something many fashion brands are anxious to get right.  Getting your products into an online gift guide where potential customers can easily click and make a fast purchase can make a big difference in the revenue of an independent fashion brand that’s trying to grow.

And the sooner you start, the better. According to a Roku Harris poll, spending is set to increase 6% from last year and sopping will start earlier than usual.

Here are 10 tips for Online Holiday Gift Guide Pitching

Create your Pitching Calendar

For online holiday gift guide pitching, get your emails out in August and September, as these outlets don’t require the 6 month lead time that print magazines do.

Think “Giftable”

Take a look at your styles, which ones are “giftable”? These few items should be the focus of your pitches.  You’re not pitching your “brand”, you’re pitching these, specific products

Decide on Gift Recipient

Who is the person that your giftable style is perfect for? A parent,

Choose the Online Outlets 

Make a list of the places you want to pitch your giftable items, think local, regional, and national.

Do your Homework

Now it’s time to research. The two things you are focusing your research on are (1) who the gift guide editors are for the media outlets you want to pitch and (2) the gift guides they’ve done in the past to better understand price point and themes that they like.

Craft the Pitch Subject Line

Make sure you include “Holiday Gift Guide” in the subject line.

Craft the Pitch Basic Email

Make this straight forward and easy to consume. This is not the time to write long paragraphs of text. Use bullet points and list the retail price, colors and sizes available,  benefits, why’s it special, where people can buy (your website!) and link this. Also include a link to download product images. Do not use attachments.

Craft the Pitch Better Email

Based on the decision you made around who would love to receive these styles as a gift, you can craft a pitch that includes everything in the basic the pitch but add a creative topic idea such as “Best Gifts for your Entrepreneur Bestie”.

Follow Up

Follow up 2 weeks later with a new idea, style, and/or product photo.  Because it it is rare to get a reply email even if they do plan to include your item, be sure that you are follow the site and paying attention to when they launch their guides and whether you have been included.

Build a Relationship

When you are included in a gift guide make sure you send a thank you email to the editor, share the guide along with a link and a tag to the editor and/or media outlet on social.

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