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New Year Inspo – What I’m loving so far in 2019!

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Happppppy New Year!  I know I am a little late on this post, but after taking a couple weeks off I am feeling totally refreshed and ready to get going full force into the new year!  I wanted to share some of my favorite items I have been loving already in 2019.  These are all items I have been using and loving to help keep me feeling organized, happy, uplifted and like my very best. We moved into our new house yesterday and I couldn’t be happier about it!

I shared this lip mask like a week ago on my insta stories – its seriously one of my new favorites!  Its a sleep mask for your lips, but I carry mine around with me all day and use it as chapstick.  I’m obsessed!

You probably saw last week I went to Napa with the amazing Lancome team and got to try out their new Absolue skin care line.  The new line is amazing!  I will be sharing a full blog post on my trip soon but had to include the line as one of my recent favorites.

I am still living in these Adidas UltraBoost tennis shoes. They are soooo comfy and I love all of the colors they come in!  I will definitely be wearing these to help with one of my resolutions to be more active!

This cozy blanket and cordless vacuum are for the new house! You can never have too many cozy blankets around the house And after hearing so much about these cordless vacuums I finally ordered one and I can’t wait to see what all the hype is about!

You’ve seen me wearing this bag a few times now – its seriously the best!  I love that you can put your monogram on it and customize the size and color of it…its just all around the perfect size to use as a work bag for your laptop, notebook, etc or just as an everyday mom bag that holds all your stuff for running around.

Cody got me this planner for Christmas and it was the best gift!  Its so simple and functional and I love that I can break out my schedule hour by hour to help keep me on track. It comes in a bunch of colors!

One of my most asked about topics is definitely skin care and I am so excited to share more skin care related posts this year!  These sheet masks are 100% one of my favorite products that I am using lately. If you feel like you don’t have time for sheet masks…there’s always a way to make time!  I will wear them when I am getting stuff done around the house or even just blow drying my hair. Gotta multi task to get that beauty time in

I have been wearing this cozy cardigan so much recently and gotten a lot of questions about it so I wanted to share it asap! It is the same fabric they make their robes in so it feels like you’re literally wearing a robe, but its a cardigan so its cute and acceptable to wear out in public

Baskets!!! One of my major goals for the new year is just to keep our new house looking new and keep it organized and as tidy as possible. With 3 kids and a dog this isn’t always easy – so one of my favorite tricks is to have a bunch of cute baskets like this around around the house to toss their toys and blankets in when we aren’t using them.

What’s inspiring you for this new year?!  Would love to hear your favorites!  Hope you all have been having a great 2019 so far!

Also!! I am soooo honored to be nominated for best family account for the LiketoKnow.it awards!  It would mean so much to me if you could take a quick minute to vote for our family!️ You can vote here

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