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Family Photos Fall

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I’ve been doing family photo posts for a while… I even have a whole section on my site dedicated to it! My tips remain the same season to season, but let’s review a few of them:

  1. A color scheme is great, but don’t get too hung up about matching perfectly.
  2. When in doubt, comfort is key.
  3. If you wear something oversized, you will probably look oversized. Find something that fits and makes you feel great.

Recently I have been going straight to the Shutterfly cards page and getting inspiration from the source. No shame in planning ahead, now if I only I could actually get my act together! We put together a few outfitting options from the classic fall hues to the over the top glitz and glamour.

Warm Neutrals //

Soft neutral colors with a few rich hues mixed in creates warmth and balance for the photo. These colors work best against an outdoor scenery think fall foliage or a crisp fall day on the beach!

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Fall Florals//

When it comes to fall photos you can’t go wrong with fall florals. The earthy tones mixed and matched with autumnal shades sets the tone for the perfect family photo look!

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Denim Do//

Because you can’t go wrong with denim in my book. Denim and black paired together are timeless and cool and most likely already in the whole families wardrobe.

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Mad For Plaid//

Plaid is the quintessential print for fall! So pick your favorite plaid and work the rest of the family around it! It’s ok to mix large plaid with small, it adds interest and dimension to the photo!

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Over The Top//

Going somewhere glamorous or just want to look like it? Dressing to the nines is a way for your fall family photo to stand out from the rest! Plus you get to wear something fancy and who wouldn’t love that?

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